ABOUTall things theatrical—music, dance, performers and performance.

I believe that we are much the product of our gene pool, and carry within us the tape of early childhood. As the daughter of the rubber-legged “eccentric” dancer, Hal Sherman (1897-1985), my life has been influenced by music, dance, theater and the quest for beauty.

An F.I.T. (SUNY) graduate, I began my professional career as a graphic designer and illustrator in 1962, and as a single mother, raised my son. My firm’s clientele were from the world of beauty, fragrance and cosmetic—Estee Lauder, Revlon, Max Factor and Helena Rubinstein. Later, I taught drawing and package design at F.I.T., School of Visual Arts (SVA), New School, and Otis-Parsons.

I began creating Painted Books in 1992, bringing a passion for ballroom dance to the pages of handmade artist books. International museums, libraries and rare book collectors were quickly interested in adding these colorful books to their collections.

Clay allowed me to challenge and provoke, beginning with Abundant Beauty, a controversial sculpture series, and then a whimsical, self-deprecating series Portrait of the Artist as… in which I portray myself as women like Marie Antoinette, Sarah Palin and Queen Elizabeth, the First.

In 2015, at the age of 73, Harper (Harper Collins) published my debut novel BALLROOM. It is about people I met but never really knew—lonely people at a fading New York ballroom. Each believes that someone special is waiting.

I am frequently invited to speak about the influence of dance on my work

…and still dancing!