ABOUTall things theatrical; music, dance, and performance.

One of my earliest memories is of dancing tango atop my father’s feet in our Queens living room to the vinyl recordings of Carlos Gardel. An internationally renowned, rubber-legged, “eccentric” dancer, my father was known throughout Europe as “The Charlie of the Dance,” and danced in Broadway’s “Hellzapoppin’.”  Those Latin rhythms entered my mind and marrow.

Prior to the discovery of my interest in story-telling, my New York design firm, Alice Simpson Design created design and illustrative solutions for the Beauty, Fragrance, Cosmetic and Publishing industries. We also developed and licensed creative ideas for gift, textile and paper goods industries.

In the 1990s, I began dancing again; fox trot, waltz, swing and hustle as well as the Latin dances; rumba, mambo, and tango. At the same time, I began attending artist residencies and creating one-of-a-kind handmade, hand-painted Artist Books about what I loved—DANCE.

Many of these colorfully whimsical books I created now reside in more than forty international Special and Rare book collections, including; Harvard, Yale, Stanford, NYPL, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and the Victoria & Albert Libraries.

I came to writing late in life . . .BALLROOM, an artist book which includes one-page stories about people who dance, led to my sixth career—writing. At eighty-two I continue to write about my favorite dance, the tango, and its ambiguities— and I’m still dancing.

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