ABOUTall things theatrical; music, dance, and performance.

Twice published, my debut novel BALLROOM is inspired by my legacy and passion for dance. As the daughter of the rubber-legged, “eccentric” dancer and star of Broadway’s “Hellzapoppin,’” Hal Sherman (1897-1985), my life has been influenced by music theater, and dance.

– In BALLROOM, six complex and unforgettable characters meet every Sunday to dance at a  ballroom on Union Square in New York City that is about to be demolished. Their lives interconnect in a myriad of ways.  

One of New York’s Top-Ten literary agents fell in love with my first novel, and within one week sold BALLROOM to HarperCollins.

“COMING: November 2023 (HarperCollins)

THE WINTHROP AGREEMENT, set in the early 1900s in New York City is the tale of  Mimi Milman, a child of New York’s Lower East Side tenements’ chance meeting with a ruthless and wealthy psychopath and how that brief encounter irreparably changes the direction of her life— taking her from sweatshop to haute couture. . . and the promises she will make to protect those she loves. A work of literary and historical fiction . . . with a touch of evil

Prior to this unexpected literary achievement, I spent forty years providing design and illustrative solutions for the Beauty, Fragrance, Cosmetic, and Publishing industries. My New York design firm Alice Simpson Design developed creative ideas for gift, textile, and paper goods industries. As Senior Designer at Redken Laboratories in California, I created award-winning videos, packaging, displays, national ads, and annual reports.  

My unique handmade, hand-painted books about Dance are in more than forty international  Special and Rare Book Collections including: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, NYPL, Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts, and the Victoria & Albert Library. I now reside in South Pasadena, California.

and still dancing!

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