BALLROOMreveals in interconnected stories the troubled pasts and hidden demons of regulars as their paths cross in poignant and startling ways both on and off the dance floor—and about our longing to love and be loved. 

Published by Harper (HarperCollins) 2015  

“Simpson is a master at creating realistic characters who are flawed, a bit unappealing, and yet sympathetic. Life goes on much in the manner in which it began. But this isn’t a bad thing—it feels real, even refreshing, not to have a neatly wrapped, feel-good ending—but rather a plain old life-goes-on. Readers who enjoy seeing inside the hearts and minds of others will relish sharing the lives of Simpson’s creations.”

Kirkus Reviews

“This touching debut captures the intricacies and the unexpected of personal relationships.”

Library Journal

“The vividly drawn characters in this novel, each driven by their own poignant desires, spark in their interactions. Simpson writes in luscious, sensual prose. A completely absorbing read.”

Regina McBride, The Nature of Water and Air


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