Accordion with pop ups
Schmencke Watercolor on Arches black
9.75″ H x 5.25″ W x .75″ D x 70″ open
Cover: Paste Paper with inlaid leather and leather lined.

A whimsical book about the foods we love and how they tempt us.

Spaghetti is my favorite dish, and it has always been my desire, that when I go, “To go face first into a plate of spaghetti!” My son having turned Vegan, admitted to “dreaming about spare ribs,” a friend, always on the next, new diet craze, whispered, “I’d kill for a hot fudge sundae.” My mother claimed that there was “Nothing like peaches from your own tree.”
And…what man in his right mind wouldn’t be tempted by Josephine Baker in her legendary banana costume, who was “… crazed by the music… even my teeth and eyes burned with fever.”

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