THE WINTHROP AGREEMENT—is about the determination of a young woman to succeed against enormous odds during the early part of the twentieth century. In a city divided into the humble and the privileged, at a time of social upheaval, Mimi Milman follows her passion despite all odds, searching for a place in society, while coming to terms with her past. You will be surprised at the choices Mimi makes, and how they determine the person she will become.

THE WINTHROP AGREEMENT tells the story of the immigrant experience; offering insights into the lives of women struggling to make new lives for themselves in America. Part history, part romance—with a twist of gothic!


Published by Harper (HarperCollins) November- 2023

“The author spins a wonderful story of hope, determination, and achievement. It is an exciting story that is well written. Each of the characters are superbly developed. The narrative is such that the reader can picture themselves there watching things as they transpire.  . . ..Things are not always what they seem. The author has done a masterful job of creating a story that is exciting, mysterious, and entertaining.”

The New York Journal of Books

“Rich in characters and awash in period details of Gilded Age New York

as well as the sumptuous fashions of the time, this book is a treat for historical-fiction fans.”


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